Client support

Always careful to the market demands and the customers’ needs, thanks to a dedicated Customer Service Team we are able to:

  • Make quotations for spare parts and valve revision.
  • Make maintenance, modify or upgrade our products and the products of our representatives in our factory in Segrate or at the customer’s plant site.
  • Ensure the delivery of the spare parts of our standard valves with very short deliveries and at a competitive price.
  • Provide assistance on the phone or at the customer’s plant during the start-up of our valves.

Technical updates

The advantage of having your valves maintained by the valve original manufacturer lays in the perfect knowledge of the valve construction and on the possibility of having your equipment revised and improved to the last versions of it. Maintenance is therefore often also an opportunity of upgrade.

Download area

Upon registration, in the download area it is possible to download technical documentation and information such as manuals of installation and product catalogues.