The Company

CARRARO S.r.l is a private independent company, that offers worldwide a broad range of industrial flow solutions by producing pressure regulators, safety valves and desuperheaters.

The CARRARO products are suitable for industrial applications that refer to each kind of dangerous and non-dangerous fluid (water, gases, liquids, oils and steam).

The high flexibility of the production facility, the internal engineering know how and a century of industry experience allow the complete customization of the products, even in “exotic” materials such as for example duplex, superduplex, monel, hastelloy, aluminium bronze etc.


At the same time CARRARO represents and distributes in Italy the products of different leading foreign companies in the field of control and safety valves.


The Company is located in the Eastern area of Milan, close to the Linate airport.

Structure and organization

The CARRARO facility is located in Segrate, near the Milan- Linate airport on an area of about 12’100 mq, of which 6’500 mq are covered and divided between offices and the production site.

The Production Departments

count about 20 working stations, 5 of which are fully automated CNC’s. The high flexibility of the productive organization as well as the experience and the versatility of the operators allow to the CARRARO workshop the possibility to internally implement each phase of the production cycle.

The Technical Department

responsible for the engineering and development of the products, it is on the leading edge of the “know-how” regarding direct operated regulators, desuperheaters and safety valves. Supported by the most recent versions of 2D and 3d programs for the elaboration of the technical drawings and the FEM and CFD design of the tailor made solutions requested by the customers, it counts among its members 4 engineers and 2 senior designers able to interact with external engineers/suppliers/auditors/clients in order to satisfy the requests with great professionalism and self-denial.

The Sales Department

is composed by 20 internal professionals that have developed a broad industry experience and is organized in order to serve and follow the needs of the different geographical areas in which CARRARO operates (Italy, EMEA, Asia Pacific and the Americas) in the most suitable and efficient way. Our internal sales engineers are supported on the field, nationally and internationally, by a structured network of representatives, distributors and authorized maintenance centres.

Throughout the years the Company has also structured a broad warehouse of raw, semi-finished and fully-machined components which allows a great reactivity to the more and more demanding market needs in terms of deliveries.

The outstanding engineering skills of our technicians, the quality and experience of our facility operators and sales engineers allow the Company to be able to respond to all specific industry needs and requests.