Assistance and maintenance

Maintenance service at our facility

In case of maintenance need to your CARRARO valves, the ones of our representatives and also the ones of our competitors that you might have installed on your plant, we can provide you 100% service and support at our facility in Milan.
Listed below you can find some examples of standard maintenance activities that we offer for all kind of valves (regulators, pneumatic control valves and safety valves):

  • Disassembling
  • Internal and external sandblasting of the valve body
  • Cleaning and check-up of all valve components
  • Substitution of gaskets and other worn parts Re-assembling, functional testing and pressure setting
  • Painting (with standard or special colours)

Maintenance service at the customers plant sites

In many occasions maintenance has to be performed directly at the plant site. Even in this case CARRARO can offer a complete and reliable service:

  • Personnel
    Maintenance is provided by experienced personnel adequately trained whether at CARRARO or at our authorized maintenance and repair centres. The service is available at all time throughout the year.
  • Equipment
    External maintenance activity is of course performed with the most adequate equipment for the repair, the cleaning and the setting of all kind of valves.
  • Spareparts
    In order to ease and speed up the maintenance service we advise our customers to always store at their site an adequate amount of spare parts referring to the installed valves. Our Sales Team can support you in making the right choice.
  • Fairs
    Maintenance service activities of our technicians are normally charged in accordance to the Italian ANIMA tariffs.
    For abroad maintenance activity charges you must contact our office.
    It is possible to get special tariffs in cases of “scheduled maintenance” previously agreed with our Customer Service Team.
  • Testing
    Maintained valves and components can be tested directly form the CARRARO operators, in cooperation with the customers’ technical personnel.
    The kind of test will depend from the technical characteristics of the valve and the plant’s conditions of use.