What is the best regulator to use for Turbine Fuel?2019-02-07T10:43:56+01:00

It is our recommendation and also the recommendation of turbine suppliers such as GE, Solar and many others, that the CARRARO MM is the regulator to choose. There are several reasons for it: i.e. speed of response, turn down and pressure ratings. The MM is the best and proven choice for this application.

While the MM is more expensive than other regulators it is still the best choice and we are sure to have all arguments to convince customers for this choice.

Do you have any product suitable for tank blanketing applications?2019-02-07T10:41:48+01:00

Yes. Most of our regulators are suitable for these kind of applications. Especially constructions with bigger actuators (our 360 and 515) are capable to handle very low pressures. Please, contact our sales office for more details.

What is tank blanketing?2019-02-07T10:41:03+01:00

It is the process of maintaining a slightly positive pressure in a closed storage tank, vessel or container with an inert gas during pump-off or thermal contraction events.

Can we paint regulators using Offshore paint procedures and other special paint procedures?2019-02-07T10:40:17+01:00

Yes. Our special painting procedure for offshore applications is ITC nr. 116. We also provide other special paintings. You can ask directly to our sales office which special paintings or painting procedures are available.

Where is the best location along the pipe to attach the control line?2019-02-07T10:39:28+01:00

Make control line connections in a straight run of pipe about 10 pipe diameters downstream (or upstream for relief valves) of any area of turbulence, such as elbows, pipe swages, or block valves.

What causes noise in the regulator?2019-02-07T10:38:27+01:00

Regulators with high flows and large pressure drops generate noise. Keep regulator noise below 110 dBA.

Where can I purchase replacement parts for Carraro valves?2019-02-07T10:37:29+01:00

Carraro replacement parts can be ordered directly through our sales office or through authorized distributors and assistance centres (the CARRMA’s). Check in the log-in area which is the Carraro authorized distributor or CARRMA nearest to you.

Which react faster to sudden flow changes, direct-operated or pilot-operated regulators?2019-02-07T10:36:27+01:00

Direct-operated regulators generally have faster response to quick flow changes than pilot-operated regulators.

Will I change the performance if I increase the pressure setting of my regulator?2019-02-07T10:32:18+01:00

The fully advertised range of a spring can be utilized without sacrificing performance or spring life.

What can happen if downstream pressure exceeds the pressure setting of the regulator?2019-02-07T10:30:40+01:00

Downstream pressures significantly higher than the regulator’s pressure setting may damage soft seats and other internal parts.

Does a regulator need to be protected from high upstream pressure?2019-02-07T10:29:32+01:00

Adequate overpressure protection should be installed to protect the regulator and all downstream equipment, in the event of regulator failure.

I need to know the maximum available flow in case of diaphragm failure of one pressure reducing valve, because I will have a plant inspection soon: is it possible to get these values?2019-02-07T10:28:15+01:00

If you need an “official” certificate you will have to contact our person in charge of the certificates, Mr. Claudio Cervelli at the following e-mail address: claudio.cervelli@carrarovalvole.it. Mr Cervelli will reply also by indicating the cost for your request. If you just need the value but are not interested in a certificate, ask support by writing an e-mail at info@carrarovalvole.it. The most important thing is always to communicate the serial number of the valve and the current operating conditions (in order to check if they have changed compared to the original ones).

I lost the certificates of my safety valves: what can I do in order to obtain them again? Is it possible to get a copy and if so, at which cost?2019-02-07T10:25:45+01:00

The person in charge of all certification matters is Mr. Claudio Cervelli. You can expose him your problem by sending an e-mail at his address claudio.cervelli@carrarovalvole.it. You must be the most precise and detailed as possible, also by specifying the order number or the valves serial numbers. If you are talking about the ISPESL test certificates, please notice that the original one is the one you had. We can anyway issue a copy of it (non original) for free.

Consider as well that for obsolete valves we cannot issue a new certificate or a copy of it, but you must take into consideration to maintain the valves or to buy a new ones.

For other kinds of certificates, such as flow rate certificates, we will require an extra cost of 50 Euros.

I have received your valves, I am currently doing the plant start-up but I don’t know if I am doing it right and I am not sure about the proper installation of the valve: is it possible to receive the installation manual?2019-02-07T10:23:23+01:00

You can download the installation manuals from our download area (after registration).

Otherwise, you can send an e-mail request at marco.nobile@carrarovalvole.it by specifying, if you know it, the order confirmation number or the valve serial number or simply by telling the valve model.

What do I have to do if I want to buy some Carraro valves?2019-02-07T10:19:51+01:00

It is very simple. You can directly contact our Sales Office through our Call Center or you can send your request to sales@carrarovalvole.it.

How can I contact Carraro?2019-02-06T17:51:40+01:00

There are two easy ways to contact us: you can call our Call Center at the + 39 02 2699121 which will forward you to the most suitable office, or you can send an e-mail at info@carrarovalvole.it. Our staff will directly be advised of your contact request.

I need assistance for one or more valves, even if not “Carraro” ones: what should I do?2019-02-07T10:21:45+01:00

No problem. The best way to get assistance is to fill-in the “assistance request form” that you can download in the website section dedicated to the customer support. Otherwise you can send an e-mail to customerservice@carrarovalvole.it by specifying the type of valve you need to be maintained and the kind of issue/problem you have reported.

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