The absence of a specific critical process, doesn’t mean lack of technical capability, but may show a “simplicity capability” in other words be able to get at the same final result using much simpler processes. In one word this is “ Know How”

Acting in this way means a better working capability ( in this specific case to get the same complex geometrical shapes from bar stock instead by welding parts) and high capability in obtaining difficult parts in an easy way. To do that, you defenetly need new sophisticated CNC machines of the last generation, highly qualified workers and a Cad CAM system. And be able to use it…!

Less or better no weldings has been ( and still is ) a big plus for every valve working in critical processes that in the daily markets are driven by always more strict rules. In the world wide EPC projects, the welding requirements for the control valves are more and more strict. The weldings absence has given to our products, from DSHs, PCVs, self or pilot operated C.V., a big advance compared to our competitor’s products. That may be less expensive but 100% offer a more fragile valve!  

Weldingless valves have an enormous plus : This means to eliminate potential fragility areas, possible defects sources and the metal’s cristal structure dishomogeneity. That at the end, may bring to plant’s lines shutdowns.

Always  remember that the more a product is easy, more reliable and less possible breackdown will be present!